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The Fergason Family

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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

What we love about the web is the opportunity to share our thoughts with others. But I also like to hear what others think, and to exchange ideas.

On this page, we'll share some of the comments I've received in my guestbook and via e-mail. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the original log entry or essay that inspired the comment. In some cases, I may also respond to the comments.

Dearest Brittan-
Our mighty God has set His angels of protection about you- so be strong and have courage.  You are a fighter and a champion in an itty bitty body.  And our precious Lord is in the process of knitting you together exactly the way He wants.  You are such a shining example of grace and perfection and you bless everyone whose life you touch.  I know you can feel His presence, and hope some day you will tell Larry and I about that. 
We are praying that you don't hurt so much in your recovery and that you are able to take "real food" very soon.  So many people are praying for you in TN and so interrested in how your recovery is going.  I was very glad to see your Mom's report on the web. We check there often to get progress reports.  Life is going to be so fascinating for you.  I pray that your spirit grows by leaps and bounds as you grow closer every day to Jesus. 
Your friends-
Geri & Larry
(This was such a sweet and personal prayer from the Denneys that we wanted to share it with everyone!!  - Every prayer that has been prayed for Brittan and our whole family means so much!  Thank you and God Bless!)

Miss Brittan,
I know everything is going great in Ohio.  You are a tough little girl and just remember we are thinking and praying for you.  You are much loved.  Hurry and get well, we got a lot of things to do.  Tell your mommy and daddy hello.  You are in our prayers daily.  See you when you get home.
Love you,
Auntie Hope

Thank you for your love and support! The Fergasons...Brittan, Ronnie & Amber