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The Fergason Family

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Brittan's Photos

This is where I will add notes, family info, and photos!

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Brittan's Photos!!!!!


Here is how it all started!  I was born December 21st.  What a great Christmas present!! Mommy had to have a c-section, then I was whisked away to the NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit), where I stayed for eight days.  The doctors were wonderful and took great care of all of us!  Thank goodness Mommy and Daddy bought a house five blocks from the hospital!!!


This was the first time Mommy got to see me after I was born!


At first, all the wires and stuff looked pretty scary, but each day I made progress in the hospital.  Every day it seemed like I passed a new milestone, finished a different set of tests, and passed another indicator that I was getting better.  It took several days to figure out what all I was facing, but the NICU nurses at Baylor All Saints were so wonderful!


Look how far I've come!!!!!!  I look so much better without wires and tubes everywhere!!!


Getting ready for spinal surgery at was REALLY early in the morning!


I was such a good patient!  This is me recovering.  All of the floor nurses kept making up excuses to come into my room "to see the cute baby" - of course mom and dad already know that I'm cute! (Well....they might be a little biased!) 

Following are photos from the trip to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital!  Dr. Pena was incredibly kind and just such an inspiration!  We are so lucky to have been able to travel to THE BEST doctor in the world for what Brittan needed!!!!!!


This is right after the PICC line was inserted.  That's what the big green wrap is covering on her arm.  A PICC line is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, which means the IV has a catheter line that is insterted right next to the heart.  The doctor takes an x-ray after it is inserted to make sure it is in the right place.  It did move out of place slightly after the surgery and Brittan had to go to radiology twice to have it checked to make sure the location was ok.  It turned out to be fine both times, but better safe, than sorry!  The PICC line was how she received nutrition for the ten days that she did not get to eat.


Look at those big blue eyes.......on both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was such a sweet surprise for us!  Our new friends, Mindy and Ellie, from the Pull Thru Network had this present (we call him "Catty" the Caterpillar) waiting for us when Brittan got out of surgery!  We haven't even got to meet them in person yet, but we will soon!  Ellie has been to Cincinnati for surgery with Dr. Pena's team also.  Her Mom, Mindy, contacted us through the PTN website since they also live in Fort Worth!  It is so nice to know other families who have been in the same boat!  We also got to meet our new friends Gavin and his mom, Kristin while staying in Cincinnati.  Also, Kamon and his family came to visit Brittan while they were there too!  Look for more photos of everyone on this site soon!


Here we are!!!! Our little happy family!  It was such a relief to finally get this surgery done and over with.  I don't think either of us realized just how stressful everything was, every day, until her "big surgery" was over with.  We are still waiting on more testing to see if she is done with surgeries for now, but we should know more by the end of May.  We will keep you posted!

Thank you for your love and support! The Fergasons...Brittan, Ronnie & Amber